Angle Society

Angle Society

The Edward H. Angle Society of Orthodontists (EHASO)

Since 2015 Dr. Michael K. Thomas has been a member of the Edward H. Angle Society of Orthodontists Southern California Component. The Angle Society consists in North America (U.S. and Canada) of seven components. Dr. Michael K. Thomas is currently the only full member from Germany out of nearly 100 specialists in the Angle Southern California Component.

In order to become a member it is necessary to be suggested by a sponsor, a member of one of the components of the Angle Society. Followed by a quality assessment by a committee of a total of ten treatment plans of patients during vocational training. The treatment plans need to be presented in a very detailed and written form, which also need to fulfil publication standards for medical journals, and a 20 minute presentation of a summit from the society.

Dr. Edward H. Angle

Dr. Angle was born in 1855 in Pennsylvania and died in 1930 in Pasadena, California. He was one of the first orthodontists and founder of the Angle College of Orthodontia, which was completed in 1923 and is worldwide the first school for orthodontology. The building and the neighboring residence of Dr. Angle is private property and served many esteemed orthodontists as their training centre. Dr. Angle was particularly praised by the medical community for his enthusiasm for his work and his high quality expectations. He became renowned even in Europe, during a time where traveling between continents was still quite difficult.

Dr. Angle developed different treatment methods and historically introduced the term anchorage into orthodontology. The Angle-class still describes to this day the relative location relationship between the human upper and lower jawbone. Angle-class-I describes a dental and jawbone malposition where the upper and lower jawbone are in line correctly. Angle-class-II describes the same malposition, but with the lower jawbone being further back (undershot or distal bite), and Angle-class-III with it being further out (overshot or mesial bite).

The Angle Society was founded in 1922 and in the beginning focused on building the Angle College of Orthodontia. In November 1930, three months after the passing of Dr. Angle, the organisational structure of the Angle Society as we still know it today was developed. At the same time, and to honour Dr. Angle, the orthodontic medical journal “The Angle Orthodontist” was founded. The journal has since been the official organ of the Edward H. Angle Society of Orthodontists and is being published every two months. The digital version is free and available to everyone.

Angle Southern California Component

The members of the Angle Southern California Component meet regularly once or twice a year for vocational training in Los Angeles. The three day event in March is characterised by the task that every member needs to bring two fully completed treatment cases which will be up for group discussion.

The main principle of the Angle Society is based on the constructive, scientific knowledge exchange amongst medical peers and is oriented by the words of Dr. Angle "There is only one best way".

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