For adults

For adults

Dental and jaw corrections

More and more adults are wearing braces - and that is more than just a passing fashion! The desire to have straight teeth and the right bite form, is so much more than simple esthetics. Dental and jaw corrections are most definitely medically smart and are contributing directly to a good dental and jaw health until old age. Our team loves to help you!

Treatment spectrum

One practice, many treatment options

Invisible braces

Especially relevant for adults: a discreet dental correction with Invisalign - nearly invisible braces for straight and beautiful teeth.This is possible, a discreet and effective dental correction.

Dental correction in business

Especially in a professional context beautiful and straight teeth play an important part in first perceptions. We would love to recommend a discreet option for dental correction.

Dental correction for weddings

On the most important day of your life you want to be able to smile from ear to ear - MUNDWERK Die Kieferorthopäden can help you achieve that. Get in contact with us!

Common misconception

Patents often estimate the actual cost of braces to be far too high.


It is essential to make an individual consultation appointment

Before treatment, we recommend that all adults and seniors have a personal consultation in our practice. Our tip:

Make an appointment of at least 30 minutes in length so that as many questions as possible can be discussed and finally clarified.


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