Holistic and individual

An orthodontic treatment involves so much more than just braces. We offer a holistic treatment plan including speech and physiotherapy or a therapy for snoring. At MUNDWERK Die Kieferorthopäden our patients of all ages will be treated holistically and individually.


Treatment spectrum

One practice, many treatment possibilities

Treatment for children and young adults

Kids - welcome! Early diagnostics are very important to us. Because of that, we recommend a first visit with an orthodontist at five to six years of age.


Treatment for adults

We also offer a holistic treatment plan for adults: nearly invisible braces, dental corrections of the mandibular joint, speech and physiotherapy and therapy for snoring.


Treatment for seniors

Beautiful and straight teeth until old age - you came to the right place. Already a simple dental treatment can support the functionality and stability of your teeth.


3D x-rays and digital diagnostics

At our office we have the most modern devices for digital orthodontic diagnostics at our disposal - starting with 3D x-rays to intraoral scanners.


Special office hours

There are many individual reasons for an orthodontic treatment. Because of that we offer specialized office hours that are geared towards your needs.


Therapy for snoring

A good night's sleep can be massively disrupted through snoring. You don’t have to live it! We are offering our patients an effective treatment for snoring, so that you can have a restful and peaceful sleep.


Speech therapy

We are offering a well founded speech therapy treatment. Besides an orthodontic diagnosis, impairments while swallowing, stuttering and other speech impairments can be treated effectively.

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