Kid’s Corner

Kid’s Corner

Children can speak up here.

We want everybody to feel comfortable and safe, especially our small patients. That is why we designed our offices based on the five continents.

Great, that you are stopping by. We have a lot of fun things here that you can do until your next visit at MUNDWERK Die Kieferorthopäden.

Our office mascote Tigerzahn

We are introducing: Tigerzahn, our office mascote! Martina Skogvall, one of our former and very committed colleagues, had a great idea: we need a mascote! And this is how Tigerzahn came into existence! He looks cool, has powerful teeth and is guaranteed to be harmless! So our Tigerzahn keychain is the perfect match for our smaller patients!


Tigerzahn colouring book

Our mascot Tigerzahn is traveling to fairytale land where he is experiencing many adventures. Grab your colouring pens and paint your fairytale land as colourful as you want it to be. Before you can do that you need to download and print out the colouring book.

Have fun colouring!

Download colouring book here

Hello children

Your well-being is our goal.

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