Collaboration with colleagues

Collaboration with colleagues

We are specialists who can also see the bigger picture.

We are fully invested in a holistic and interdisciplinary treatment of our patients. That is because we have been collaborating closely and successfully for many years now with therapists and colleagues from different medical fields: oral and dental surgery, speech and physiotherapy and other specialized fields. You can be assured that you are always going to be treated exceptionally in our office.

Collaboration with dentists

In the framework of our integral orthodontic treatment plans we are closely working together with the dentists of our patients. In case of open questions regarding medical results or treatments, we are happy to reach out to the patient’s dentist via phone or by email - of course after receiving consent from the patient. If necessary, a joint appointment with the patient, the dentist, and the orthodontist can be arranged in our facilities.

Specialists for oral surgery

During an orthodontic treatment questions can arise that will make the interdisciplinary collaboration with an oral surgeon necessary. For example, evaluating the necessity of an extraction of a wisdom tooth. The laborious extraction of wisdom or retained teeth and the exposing of impacted teeth belongs in the hands of specialists. Certain treatments should only be performed by colleagues who are specialists and to whose daily routine it is to perform such precise and delicate treatments.

Speech therapy and physical therapy

In order to ensure a successful orthodontic treatment and a long-term stable result, it can be important to support the process through speech and/or physiotherapy. MUNDWERK Die Kieferorthopäden maintains a thriving and long-term cooperation with speech and physiotherapy practices. Notably at this point is the tight collaboration with our in-house speech therapist Melanie Weigner from MUNDWERK Die Logopäden.

Other specialists

In case other health related questions arise with one of our patients, MUNDWERK Die Kieferorthopäden is part of an extraordinary network of specialists and colleagues from all medical disciplines.


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