Treatment for adults

Invisible braces

Invisible braces

General knowledge

The orthodontic treatment for adults is based on the completion of the dental development. This is why corrections of the bite form are only possible to a certain  extent. However, teeth can always be stabilized and reshaped in order to endure a life, irrelevant of age.

Existing crowns or dental bridges will be carefully taken into consideration, as well as moderate pre-damage of the dentifrice.

Our treatment materials: discreet and efficient

Naturally, we are using the most discreet braces for adults. This includes the classic permanent braces that are mounted to the front side of the teeth and are made of teeth colored ceramic. In many cases, braces that are mounted to the back of the teeth are also useful. Most dental malpositions are being treated with transparent retainers, so-called Aligners.

The financial costs of such treatment are based on the extent of the treatment and the chosen braces. In a confidential appointment, we can discuss if treatment costs are being covered by your insurance. There are exceptions where the insurance company is aiding the patients. But even if you have to pay fully for the orthodontic treatment, we definitely recommend a consultation at MUNDWERK Die Kieferorthopäden. In most cases patients are estimating the costs for braces way higher than they actually are. Talk to us!

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